Testing With HEARLab

Australian Hearing clinical protocol

National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is the research arm of Australian Hearing, a government-funded organisation for providing hearing services to young Australians under the age of 26 years at no cost to families. Since 2009, aided cortical auditory evoked potential (CAEP) testing using HEARLab and Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA) has formed part of the Australian Hearing clinical pathway. It has been used for initial hearing aid fittings for infants and other clients whose hearing aid prescription has been based upon an audiogram that was estimated from evoked potential techniques such as auditory brainstem response (ABR) and auditory steady-state response (ASSR) testing. It has also been applied to some children and adults for whom only limited behavioural hearing responses are available. In 2013, approximately 150 children were evaluated with HEARLab at least once.

The public version of the Australian Hearing CAEP clinical protocols outlines when CAEP testing is performed within Australian Hearing, and how the results should be interpreted and applied to hearing aid fitting evaluation.