More About HEARLab

This brochure informs the reader about the capabilities and limitations of the HEARLab® system, and more specifically the Aided Cortical Assessment (or ACA™) module. It is intended for those who use HEARLab® ACA™, who come in contact with those who use HEARLab® ACA™, or those who are looking for a short introduction about what HEARLab® ACA™ can and cannot do.

A summary of HEARLab’s® capabilities, including its Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA) and Cortical Threshold Estimation (CTE) modules, can be found in this brochure.

To get a complete overview of HEARLab’s® mode of operation, please find its manual here.

HEARLab® is distributed in Australia by NAL. For overseas distributors, please see the NAL website.