HEARLab Publications

Current Research

HEARLab® & Cochlear Implants

Currently HEARLab® can only be used for hearing aid fitting evaluation. Cochlear implants send out an electrical artefact and currently the current software used by HEARLab® can misinterpret the presence of the artefacts which can lead to a wrong decision about corticals.  NAL is currently evaluating the clinical use of the HEARLab® device for CI testing.

Fast cortical testing

Cortical testing can take quite a while as HEARLab® currently presents a stimulus about every second. However, when testing children, it is crucial to make testing time as short as possible. Fundamental research is being conducted at NAL with the objective of speeding up cortical recordings through increased stimulus rates or the use of interleaved stimuli.

Automatic Cortical Audiometer

When using HEARLab®, the user has to decide by him/herself what levels to test, and how long the measurement should last. NAL is currently working on an automatic decision system which allows the system to change intensities and stimuli automatically without intervention of the user. This should significantly speed up measurement time, and require less training and expertise from the user.

Auditory Brainstem Response

NAL is currently developing an ABR module for HEARLab®, with similar features as described above for cortical testing.