Is it true that the electrodes can cause a reaction?

Yes, the gel from the electrode can cause the skin to go red; this is usually mild and disappears within 24 hours. Avoid contact with broken skin, or patients with existing skin conditions (always check history of allergic reactions before preparing electrode sites). Do not use alcohol swabs and take special care when applying electrodes to infants, particularly the vertex electrode, where the fontanelle area is susceptible to injury.

The electrode pads keep slipping off. Are there alternative methods?

This can be due to the residue from the prep gel, so make sure you wipe all the gel off with a tissue before sticking the electrode pads on. The headband supplied with the HEARLabĀ® is also useful to help keep electrodes in place and more importantly keep the impedance down. If the testing room is too hot, or the patient is wearing too many layers of clothes, it is likely him/her being sweaty is the reason of slipping electrodes.

What do you suggest if I cannot get the electrode pads off?

When testing children, do not leave the electrode pads on for parents to remove at home! This poses as a potential choking hazard and the potential for allergic reactions to occur if they are left on for too long. Some clinicians have suggested a small amount of baby oil will help with those sticky removals.